Since 1905 they have been Bowling at Hook & Southborough

Members of the club off to play a match outside the Southborough Arms Pub, which was opposite the Shell petrol station on the Hook Road just past the roundabout with the Hook Road and A3. You can still see the balcony above the Middelton laundry vehichle today

First recorded match

Hook & Southborough is the oldest Bowling Club in the borough, with match records dating back to 20th may 1905 when the first game was played between the president Dr. McNeill and Mr Judd. Merbership soon rose from around 25 members to almost 70. The club use the very same green now as they did then.
The only radical change made in the early days came in1923. Club members Mr Landford and Mr May the Secretary suggested the admittance of lady members on the same terms as the men. The club record books show that it was “carried heartily” by fellow members.
Changing times called for minor alterations to rules.

Membership fees

The original subscription fees in 1905 were three shillings per annum for each member and one shilling for new members. Additional bowling charges when the club first started included a charge of one penny which had to be donated into a special box for “incidental” expenses.
Receipts for the season show that that the club could afford the proud sum of five guineas (five pound five shillings) for expenditure. This included 12 shillings (144 pennies in old money) from the incidental expenses box. The expenses for the first year read: One set of bowls £1. 10s. 6d, rent for the green 2 guineas (£2. 2s. 0d), printing 10s. 6d, mats 4s. 0d, one wreath 11s.0d and stationery 4s. 0d. This left a balance of 3s. 0d in hand.
After a period, changing times meant that the original subscription fee of three shillings per annum for each member and one shilling for new members was no longer sustainable and like today fees inevitably increased.

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