Bowling History Destroyed

Arsonists blamed for converting clubhouse into burning rubble

Arsonists destroyed Hook & Southborough Bowling Club complete with all its equipment and 92 years of history.
Fire broke out early in the morning on Sunday 21st January 1996. By the time the club’s green manager, Mr Dennis Morhen arrived at 7am the timber clubhouse, the honours board dating back to 1904, £3,000 of equipment and plans to intoduce facilities to allow disabled people to use the club went up in smoke.
Firemen said arsonists were to blame because the building was not used in the winter months and the electricity was turned off.
Club officers have vowed not to allow the fire to disrupt the years bowling season and they are determined that a new clubhouse will rise phoenix like from the flames as soon as possible.


Just 48hrs after the fire the members resolved to re-open on the first day of the season 23rd April. Mr Morhen said that the the sight of the charred remains made him feel sick. We can replace the building and equipment but most of the history of the club is lost forever. He also said the club insurance policy should pay for the temporary building to be installed untill a new clubhouse was built. Club members paid tribute to all those who offered their help and support after they had heard what had happened.
The club had gone private two years before the fire and was planning on installing specialist facilities so that disabled people could use the club.

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