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building works

After spending much of the winter of 2019 repairing the subsidence of the bank beside the green, it was decided by the committee that we could no longer go on using the old wooden shed doors that had passed their useful life and on occasions become very difficult to open or close. We had a local window and door company install new bifold doors in early 2020, much to the delight of club members who even though thwarted from playing bowls by Covid 19 earlier in the season were able to enjoy the benefits of being able to enter and leave the clubhouse without wondering if they would be able to lock the doors after.

During the later part of summer an idea for making a more friendly seating area outside between the new doors and green was suggested. Derek drew up some plans and made an estimate of how much it would cost to build a deck and covered area outside running most of the length of the clubhouse. It was decided that we could finance the project if we were to do it in a couple of stages over two years.

Brian managed to find quite a lot of timber joists for the framework which was supplemented with some more bought together with a large amount of decking boards approximately 34 square metres.

Late October a team consisting of Dave Savage, Dave Bushnell, Brian Wells, Dave Dobinson and Derek St Romaine set to first removing the picket fence and the concrete ramp and then starting to build a timber framework for the deck. We will keep members posted with picture updates as we go along.

3 Tons of bulk sand were ordered for delivery in December, only when the delivery arrived the Lorry was too big to get through the allotments gate . Dave Dobinson came up with a life saving idea that Dave Savage and Derek would shovel the sand out of the bulk bags and into the two wheeled wheelbarrow and then they would sit in the boot of his car  and he would drive slowly through the allotments to the bowls club whilst they hung on tight to the wheelbarrow. We covered 3 miles according to Daves trip-odometer. To cap it all when the next delivery of 44 paving slabs arrived, the driver wouldn’t deliver across the road so they had to be ferried over 4 at a time in cars.