About Us

early history

Members of Hook & Southborough Bowls Club outside the Southborough Arms  Public House

The club was formed at a meeting on the 17th May 1905 with 18 local men. The subscription was agreed at three shillings (15p in todays money) plus an entrance fee of one shilling (5p) for new members. Surbiton Council charged an annual rent for the use of the ground of two pound two shillings.

The club played its first game between members on Saturday May 20th 1905 starting at 4.00pm.  That season continued until the last Saturday in August.  The club described their first season as “fairly successful due to the late start of the season”.  The club, by the end of their first season numbered, 25 members.

The first accounts showed that they had a turnover of five pounds & five shillings but after paying out expenses which included one set of woods (bowls), a bench for the green, mats, printing and stationary, the balance at the end of the season was three shillings.

So that is how we started and here we are today over 100 years later playing on the same green.